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 Other Characters

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PostSubject: Other Characters   Sat Oct 17, 2009 11:37 am

Prince Gunthar Waltgaud
Clan: Brujah
Generation: 9th
Status: 7 (Acknowledged, Feared, Respected, Influential, Famous (P), Exalted (P), Well-Known (P))
Position: Prince of Lausanne
Childe of Beatrix L'Estraga
Childe of Maxwell Marcam
Childe of Volman Lyon
Childe of Guillaume

Gunthar Waltgaud claimed Lausanne as his Domain after years of struggle against rivals in the area. Many believed Lausanne would remain in the hands of Seneschal Valette since he chose to make his residence there. Gunthar is a potent warrior and a descendent of Prince Guillaume's line. Many believe (but don't openly say within earshot of Gunthar) that it is his bloodline's power that keeps him as Prince. Gunthar's reign is weak and his political allies are so few that he is often forced to trade boons to his 'subjects' to see his will done.

Clan: Brujah
Generation: 10th
Status: 2 (Acknowledged, Feared (P))
Position: Scourge (Fiefy)
Childe of Gunthar Waltgaud
Childe of Beatrix L'Estraga
Childe of Maxwell Marcam
Childe of Volman Lyon
Childe of Guillaume

Ralph is the childe of Gunthar and thusly a descendent of Guillaume. In contrast to most kindred of Lausanne, Ralph was an American in life. Not much is known about his past, but it seems unlikely that Ralph was anything other than a thug in his life. As Scourge, Ralph has garnered the reputation as an eager destroyer of kindred. He has single-handedly done more to instill the custom of calling before visits to the city than any other kindred in Lausanne. He has shown time and time again that if your name isn't on his 'list', you won't be in Lausanne... for long.
Ralph's face is scarred by what looks like a bear's claw marks and he is missing one eye. His fangs are prominent at all times and his flesh has a bronze hue to it.

Cretius Turgis
Clan: Tremere
Generation: Unknown
Status: 5 (Acknowledged, Feared, Feared, Respected, Well-Known)
Position: None
Lineage: Unknown

Cretius Turgis is the only known Tremere to reside in Lausanne. His presence is so unnerving to other kindred that he is rarely required to attend (or even informed of) kindred gatherings. He is rumored to be powerful enough to challenge Guillaume's claim as Prince, yet he has never held a position within the Camarilla. His last appearance at a Lausanne gathering was in 2004 to ask the new Prince Gunthar for the Right of Destruction over Hoca Demarcu. His request was denied and he has not publicly appeared since.

Henry Edmundson
Clan: Toreador
Generation: 10th
Status: 3 (Acknowledged, Influential, Revered (P)
Position: Toreador Primogen
Childe of Alexander Lott
Childe of Mary of Kent
Childe of Anne Worthington

Henry Edmundson is perhaps one of the only kindred in Lausanne who has openly voiced his distaste over the current state of the city. He uses his considerable influence to help the mortal population of Lausanne and fight against the tide of corruption that has drowned the city. He is an avid supporter of Impressionist period paintings and has held an exhibit devoted to Van Gogh yearly in Lausanne for the past six years. He is also responsible for numerous public works projects to restore and maintain the many cathedrals and museums of Lausanne.
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Other Characters
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