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 Prince Guillaume's edicts

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PostSubject: Prince Guillaume's edicts   Prince Guillaume's edicts I_icon_minitimeTue May 18, 2010 3:59 pm

1055 - "By my word and deed, I claim this land as my own. All within it belong to me. All who travel through it, do so with my blessing or not at all. I claim rulership of the lands north of [Italy], south of [Germany], east of ... [France], and west of [Austria]." Guillaume becomes Prince of Switzerland, which at the time is merely a number of feudal states.

1061 - "Challenger to my claims, Drathikan, is blood-hunted within my lands." Executed publicly by Guillaume one month after the issuing of this edict.

1061 - "Challenger to my claims, Alistram, is exiled from my lands." Alistram was a supporter of Drathikan and chose exile in France. She was allowed to leave Switzerland with only her childer and 1/10 of her worldly possessions.

1074 - "Challenger to my claims, Helena d'España, is blood-hunted in my lands." Unknown.

1241 - "Challenger to my claims, Ottovus Treatus, is blood-hunted in my lands." Unknown.

1260 - "Any of the blood who reveals their nature to a mortal will be slain."
Addendum of 1511 –
"It is permissible for one of the blood to reveal their nature to mortals, but in doing so one claims the Rights of Progeny and Accounting. Those who claim these rights without the permission of your Prince will be met with destruction.”
Addendum of 1740 –
“The Right of Progeny may be granted by cantonal Seneschal to any kindred who inhabit their canton.”
Addendum of 1998 –
“The Right of Progeny may be granted by the Prince of a Vaudois city, but only to inhabitants of that city.”

1446 – “Any whom interfere with the rebellion in [Italy] shall be exiled or destroyed. Any whom fail to keep the rebellion in [Italy] from spreading to my lands shall be exiled or destroyed.” The rebellion referred to was a group of anarchs attacking their elders. Many of these anarchs later became members of the Sabbat.

1460 – “None of the blood of Tzimisce shall be allowed to reside in Switzerland. Exile is the punishment for violating this edict. Final Death is the punishment for a second violation of this edict.”

1480 – “Any kindred bearing the blood of Haquim shall be slain. Any Assamite found within [Switzerland] is hereafter blood-hunted. This edict shall stand until the murderer of my childe has been brought to me.” Prince Guillaume’s childe, Anselm, was diablerized during an attack on the southern canton of Valais. With the loss of one of his children (also the Seneschal of Valais) Guillaume formed Les Legionnaires to enforce his edicts throughout his Domain.

Addendum of 1493 – “Kindred of the Assamite clan will no longer blood-hunted upon entry into my Domain. No Assamite shall reside within my Domain without my personal approval.”

Addendum of 1794 – “The Assamite known as Demarcu, Demarcu de Vaud, Hoca Demarcu bin Murad, Teacher Demarcu, and Hoca Murad has my permission to reside and travel unmolested within my Domain. No blood-hunt shall be called upon him nor will the Right of Destruction be granted upon him by any voice save my own.”

1486 – “Any of the blood who do not claim membership in the Camarilla must present themselves to their Seneschal. Only members of the Camarilla may reside in [Switzerland].” This has widely been the most ignored edict of Prince Guillaume’s reign. Many are not even aware of this edict and likely that is by design. Prince Guillaume has not amended this edict, yet he allows Giovanni to reside and own land within his Domain. It is even rumored that there is a cult of Followers of Set established in the south of Switzerland.

1487 – “Les Legionnaires shall be seen as Feared and Faultless within my Domain.”

1792 – “Any claiming refuge from the turbulence in France shall be given safe passage to the Canton of Vaud. There, they will be given quarter and helped to establish residence. To claim this refuge, one must have the approval of a cantonal Seneschal or myself.” This decree earned Guillaume much love and distaste from the kindred of France. Some elders took advantage of this offer and fled the Revolution. Anarchs viewed this as Switzerland’s choice to side with the French Prince Francois Villon. Several powerful French kindred viewed this as an attempt to siphon strength away from an embattled Domain. Ultimately, Guillaume’s offer saved the lives of an unknown number of kindred and likely earned him a warchest of boons. This is likely the root of why Vaud was eventually set free from Guillaume's rule. Several powerful elders chose residence in Vaud and could have posed a threat to Guilaume's reign.
Minor battles and the deaths of some mortals in Lausanne can be traced to retaliation by French anarchs for this decree.

1905 – “All residents of Switzerland are to submit themselves to their cantonal Seneschal for martial training. Mortal munitions, military equipment and personnel are hereby claimed as my property. None shall feed from, kill, steal or impair the mortal military of Switzerland. Those who violate this edict will meet Final Death.”

1930 – “Business dealings with the Ventrue of the Third Reich are to be confined to arrangements between kindred. Mortal subjects of the Ventrue of Germany are not to be permitted entrance to Switzerland. Attempts to force the mortals of Switzerland to discard their neutrality are forbidden.”

1998 – “The Canton of Vaud is hereby declared a Domain unto itself. However, the cantonal Seneschal shall remain a position within my Court. Each city of Vaud will be allowed to hold its own officers which shall be appointed in the usual way. Princes of the cities within Vaud may exercise all the recognized powers of a Prince of the Camarilla except where Les Legionnaires are concerned. Les Legionnaires may ignore The Sixth Tradition so long as they act within the borders of Switzerland. No Prince may ever blood hunt a member of Les Legionnaires.”

2009 – “Acknowledged Children of Haquim may reside in the canton of Vaud without my permission if given the Hospitality of the Eldest there.”
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Prince Guillaume's edicts
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