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 Demarcu bin Murad

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PostSubject: Demarcu bin Murad   Demarcu bin Murad I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 14, 2009 7:45 am

Little is known about Hoca ('Teacher') Demarcu bin Murad. His presence in Switzerland is recorded back to the 18th century when he appeared in Prince Guillaume's court. He has served as an advisor to several of the Seneschals of Switzerland and he is rumored to be the head of a group of demon hunters.

Demarcu is known to be an Assamite. He inhabits Lausanne now, but has been one of the few exceptions to Prince Guillaume's edict in 1480 declaring any Assamite found within the borders of Switzerland to be blood-hunted. It is unclear what Demarcu has done to earn this special seat, but he is widely known to be at the beck and call of Prince Guillaume. However, unlike the other subjects of Switzerland, Demarcu is frequently pulled away from his home in Lausanne to tend to 'official' matters under Guillaume's orders.



Demarcu is currently exiled from Bern for destroying the Cantonal Seneschal's childe. The kindred of Switzerland reguard Demarcu with great skepticism and distrust given his position 'outside' the normal social order. His protection from blood hunts and destruction by Guillaume makes most -if not all- kindred suspect him of being a spy for Guillaume.
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Demarcu bin Murad
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