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 Character Background questions

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PostSubject: Character Background questions   Character Background questions I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 19, 2009 1:35 am

Here's a list of questions (thanks to Peter) that each player should answer for their character. You can send them to the STs if you wish, but really, they're for you players to answer to help flesh out your character.

1. What does your character hope to accomplish in the near future; why these particular goals?

2. What are your characters long term goals (3 minimum)?

3. What is the real reason the character is in his/her current domain?

4. What gives your character reason to continue existing?

5. What are his/her greatest joys?
5b What are his/her greatest fears?

6. Which emotions are the primary drives for your character?

7. How does your character view the mortal world and its events?

8. What major events shaped your character's past; what were the pivotal moments?

9. What are your character's relations with his/her clan?

10. How will this character make the game more enjoyable for others?

11. What will this character add to the story?

12. Why do you want to play this concept in particular?

13. How will you regulate the maturity, growth, and development during the play of your character?

14. What are your character's interests in mortals? What areas of mortal society do they seek to control?

15. How does your character feed and from what type of people?

16. What will your character tolerate from mortals? What won't they tolerate?

17. What will your character tolerate from other vampires? What won't they tolerate?
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Character Background questions
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