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 Varions questions :D

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Varions questions :D Empty
PostSubject: responses :)   Varions questions :D I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 10, 2009 4:05 am

I'll try to do this in order.

1- The games will likely be played in whatever language the players decide. I've thought about having an 'official' language, but I think it might be limiting to our player base if we set one in stone. The only complication to that is that I don't speak/write french very well yet. Obviously, that makes life (or unlife) difficult for french speakers. I hope this problem will fade with time.

2- MET rules from Laws of the Night revised will be the core rules. The house rules I posted are just clarifications on the MET rules and alterations I thought appropriate.

3- I'd like to play once or twice a month, but that's something I'll leave to the players. If people want to meet weekly, I'll try to work with that, but less than once a month kind of strikes me as too little for a LARP.

4- If we play on a week day, we'll probably start around 19h and end near 23h. If we play on the weekends, those hours can expand a bit.

5- No games held yet on account of me not knowing any LARPers.

6- Yes, the game focuses on the Camarilla. Clan restrictions will be subjective based on a player's experience. I'd prefer to have only the Camarilla clans present with one or two 'independents'. I'm following as closely as I can to the WW canon set down in A World of Darkness. So Switzerland is a major Cam stronghold. Although, to allow diversity, I added all the stuff about Vaud being its own unique domain. By your definitions, I wouldn't want any 'obscure' or 'minor' factions, but 'independents' would be allowed. Note, Lasombra-Anti's and Giovanni would be allowed too since we're in Europe.

7- Assistant Storytellers are essentially storytellers with every power of the HST, except they work for the HST. ASTs can run plot, make rules calls, oversee character creation, adjudicate scenes, etc. Narrators can only adjudicate scenes (if there's a rules call, a ST needs to make it). The Player Representative is the person who players can talk to if they don't want to speak to an ST about any issue. Also, since I plan to let STs portray their own characters during games, the Player Representative will adjudicate any scenes that the HST (me) is roleplaying in. That probably made things more confusing, but it makes sense to me. =)

8- No one will start with any combo powers. For 'in-clan' combo powers (ie. Burning Wrath, Pulse of the Undead and Ironheart for a Brujah) Mentors and other NPCs will freely teach the power to the players just because they're of the 'correct' clan. Other, more rare powers will have to be learned from PCs or as the result of storyline.

Hope that takes care of everything!

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Varions questions :D
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