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 MAT--- Nosferatus

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PostSubject: MAT--- Nosferatus   MAT--- Nosferatus I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 25, 2010 6:43 pm

Une traduction en français devrait suivre ... y a aussi plein d'erreur d'anglais plus ou moins atroces... comme d'hab me direz vous ...


Une vielle histoire peut être entendue sur Mat --- Cependant il faut la demander à un Nosferatus Parisien et payer un prix assez conséquent en infos...


Mathias Leopold - Born in Paris the 21th of June 1860,

Mathias Leopold was one of the closest colleague of M. Effiel during the construction of his famous tower.
Brilliant engineer, he came from a rich family in Paris, married with a nice and wealthy woman, Mathias was also athletic an a very good looking man, always laughing in public and showing himself during art exhibition and concert. He was beloved and people used to say about Mathias that God blessed him with all the human gifts available on earth.

The day her wife inform him she was pregnant was the happiest day in his whole life... he brought her to the best restaurant in the city and danced with her all night.

Once back home, euphoric and dizzy by the dance and the fine wine, he helped the maid to put his wife in their bed and decided to go out for a last cigarette.

As he was walking into the small garden of his property, smoking and staring at moon and the shining stars... as he was again tanking god for all his bless, he saw him.

He suddenly appeared next to the old well.

"Mathias Leopold !" said the stooped shadow with a creepy and rough voice...

Mathias was total paralyzed by the vision of the man's face reveled by a moon shine but then he saw maybe one thousand rats running out of the well and starting climbing on him...

"I've chosen you !!" said the Nosferatus

Mathias yelled of terror into the night and had disapeard this night for the mortal world.

He wake up in the dark, in a cell apparently somewhere under Paris's sewer, the cell was humid and he was totally alone except the rats presence all around him... He stayed here for hours and hours... staring at the dark... thinking abt his wife and his forthcoming kid, praying God to help him...

And then the Pain started ... the transformation and the blood of the Nosferatu's was ruining his beauty and his whole body ... Pain, only Pain during days and days... month and month...

by the end, Mathias lost God and hope...he also lost his mind and himself.
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MAT--- Nosferatus
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